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OSR076 Open Science Education #oscibar [EN]

Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman are probably well-known in the Open Science scene, especially from their work on the Innovations in Scholarly Communications project. During the barcamp they presented their 1-week summer school course on Open Science and Open Scholarship and were involved in the Open Science MOOC idea initiated by Jon Tennant.

OSR075 OpenUp Project #oscibar [EN]

OpenUp is a Horizon 2020 funded project that seeks “to come up with a cohesive framework for the review-disseminate-assess phases of the research life cycle that is fit to support and promote Open Science.” Michela Vignoli was so nice to give us a bit of background of the project and a few of her impressions from the barcamp session on Altmetrics (a topic which is one of the main topics of OpenUp).

OSR074 Overlay Journals #oscibar [EN]

As last year, Konrad couldn’t resist to offer a session himself. So this year he moderated one on the issue of overlay journals, a “rising” practice to make use of articles in repositories and implement a comparatively “small” technical layer on top of it to offer editor, peer review and journal layout services. Konrad provides a bit of background and insights from his session.

OSR073 Free Software in Open Science #oscibar [EN]

The Free Software Foundation Europe recently published a “position paper for the endorsement of Free Software and Open Standards in Horizon 2020 and all publicly-funded research”. At the barcamp a couple of people from the FSFE held a session on this topic. We talked to Olga Gkotsopoulou and asked her to give us a little feedback on her session.

OSR072 LibGen #oscibar [EN]

Johannes Köpcke is a wikipedian mainly focusing on lemmas relating to Chemistry. He is also a Chemistry student. At the barcamp he held a session on LibGen (Library Genesis), the software that collects knowledge in forms of books or articles. It is also the software behind Sci-Hub. He gave us a little background on LibGen and his session.

OSR071 Implementing FAIR and software sustainability practices #oscibar [EN]

Stephan Janosch is Research Software Engineer in Biosciences working for the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. He’s also the spokesman for the German working group of Research Software Engineers (RSEs). At the barcamp he held a session on how to implement fair and software sustainability practices in your institute. He gave us a little background on this task, his work and his session.