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OSR063 Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2017 #oscibar #osc2017 [EN]

Open Science Radio is happy to attend this year’s Barcamp Open Science as well as the Open Science Conference. As in 2016 we’ve been kindly ask to participate and help documenting the events with our recordings. In order to provide you with a bit of background about this two events and this year’s focus, we’ve invited one of the organizers, Guido Scherp, to give us a rundown what we can expect. Especially with the Barcamp probably becoming more international this year, we are absolutely looking forward to meet some interesting people their and we would be glad to meet some of you there too. Registrations are still open, and hopefully this episode can give you some reason to attend too! Enjoy!

Update: in between yesterday’s recording and today’s publishing of this episode, the conference sold out!

OSR055 Komplette Barcamp Science 2.0 Session: Sci-Hub, good or bad? #s20bar DE

Nachdem wir schon eine kurze Zusammenfassung zur Session Sci-Hub, good or bad? auf dem Barcamp Science 2.0 veröffentlicht hatten, fanden wir, dass die komplette Session eigentlich veröffentlichenswert wäre, denn es gab einige interessante Punkte in der Diskussion. Zum Glück hat Konrad die Session mitgeschnitten. Es hat uns leider etwas Zeit gekostet die Sendung entsprechend aufzubereiten. Die Audioqualität ist noch immer weit weg von optimal da leider nur ein Mikro verfügbar war und entsprechend weiter weg sitzende Personen schlechter zu verstehen sind. Wir empfehlen daher die Episode in geräuscharmen Umgebungen zu hören. Die Erlaubnis zur Veröffentlichung aller Beteiligten liegt uns vor. Viel Spaß beim Hören!

Putting Open Science into Practice at the Barcamp Science 2.0 #s20bar

This is a crosspost from You’re invited to join the discussion – please leave any comment under the original post (comments here are closed). As you might have recognized, we’ve attended the Barcamp Science 2.0 and the first day of the Science 2.0 Conference on Monday and Tuesday this week. Background was, that Konrad and me (or: the Open Science Radio) has been invited/asked to …

OSR050 Structuring Research and Publications #s20bar EN

Roman Gurinovich and his company is developing a software solution, Sci.AI, that aims to help scientists in structuring their research and publication activities. We’ve spoken with him after his session in which he introduced a first working prototype of the tool.

OSR048 Sci-Hub, good or bad? #s20bar EN

Konrad, our very own co-host here at the Open Science Radio, moderated a #s20bar session about Sci-Hub, seeking to shed light on whether this website shall considered good or bad. Here’s his short summary of this session.