OSR054 Kündigt Eure Netflix Abos – Tools rund ums Schreiben und Publizieren


Das Verfahren des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren in seinen Grundzügen nicht maßgeblich verändert. Was sich allerdings erheblich verändert hat ist das Angebot an unterschiedlichen Tools die uns heutzutage für das Verfassen und Veröffentlichen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten zur Verfügung stehen. Gemeinsam mit Katrin vom KonScience Podcast werfen wir einen Blick in die Werkzeugkiste und schauen wie der moderne Prozess rund ums Schreiben aussehen kann. Und ja, wir sprechen erst einmal nur über die Tools für den Publikationsprozess wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten und lassen die Publikation von Daten erst einmal außen vor. Das soll an anderer Stelle dann Thema sein. Viel Spaß beim Hören!

OSR053 Sprint report „Open Science 101“ at #mozsprint 2016 [EN]


As you might have heard in earlier episode we came up with the idea of trying to develop an open science curriculum (and teaching material) for the general concepts underlying the practices of open science. For kickstarting this project this year’s Mozilla Science Global Sprint, which ended today, came in really handy. And after two days of great with with a number of contributors from various countries and backgrounds we’ve made quite some progress. This was a great experience and as Konrad says in the episode, this was a sprint and what follows is the marathon to build on this and continue from there. So hopefully you’ll keep hearing about the project from us as we will continue working on it. If you wanna contribute, you are invited to join us!

For now, have fun listening to Konrad, Andreas and Markus with an introduction to the project and a short sprint report.

OSR052 Science 2.0 Barcamp and Conference Wrap-Up #s20bar [EN]


As you certainly have recognized, we have published a couple of short episodes from the Barcamp Science 2.0, the event organized by the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 in connection to their annual Science 2.0 conference. This episode is a short wrap-up together with Guido Scherp, one of the organizers of the Barcamp (you know him from episode 40 already). Guido is providing his impressions from the two events, we share ours and discuss a few things.

OSR051 WikiCite 2016 Interview with Lydia Pintscher and Dario Taraborelli [EN]


Konrad visited this year’s WikiCite event, “…an event focused on designing data models and technology to improve the coverage, quality, standards-compliance and machine-readability of citations and source metadata in Wikipedia, Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects.” He took the ad-hoc opportunity to sit down with two members from the organizing committee, Lydia Pintscher and Dario Taraborelli, and chat with them about the concepts of WikiCite and WikiData in general as well as the WikiCite event in particular. Unfortunately the recording quality is not optimal since we did not have the proper equipment available. Still, it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. So, hopefully it isn’t too bad and we hope that you can still enjoy the conversation!

Putting Open Science into Practice at the Barcamp Science 2.0 #s20bar


This is a crosspost from offene-wissenschaft.de. You’re invited to join the discussion – please leave any comment under the original post (comments here are closed). As you might have recognized, we’ve attended the Barcamp Science 2.0 and the first day of the Science 2.0 Conference on Monday and Tuesday this week. Background was, that Konrad and me (or: the Open Science Radio) has been invited/asked to …

OSR050 Structuring Research and Publications #s20bar EN


Roman Gurinovich and his company is developing a software solution, Sci.AI, that aims to help scientists in structuring their research and publication activities. We’ve spoken with him after his session in which he introduced a first working prototype of the tool.